To The Nice Guy

IMG_2708.JPGTo the guy who wants to be noticed

the guy who can’t keep his cool around her

the guy who tries to hard

the guy who cares about what others think- too much

the guy who doesn’t let himself make mistakes

the guy stuck in second, third …even fourth place

Yes you.

For whatever reason; you decided not to take first place and it’s going to be taken by some deusche who thinks he got what it takes. He’ll probably screw with your crush. He’ll charm his way into that position you “weren’t competent” enough for. You let him go with his idea even though you sat up all night working yours. You let him win.

To the nice guy. The guy who acknowledges his insecurities/ weaknesses.

Sometimes, you gotta be more confident.

A call… to be the responsible guy.

 check out the Dunning-Kruger Effect


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