Again, you’re in the situation you swore you’ll never get yourself into- because you’ve learnt your lesson. Whatever had to be done, is not done and you just can’t find the motivation to start. Whether it’s washing the car, meeting deadline (and having actually put your all in), studying, or writing a post titled lazybones; we could learn something.

Ever get into a heated argument, not knowing how you got into it? How did we get into it? It didn’t just happen, something happened. It’s what happened prior to the argument, for something intentional we call it preparation.

Before we can tackle the dirty car, completing a task, studying or writing up lazybones; lets focus on the prep work of enabling ourselves to do whatever we need/want to do. This post had me do the first draft, logon the laptop, open WordPress, look through a few pictures, decide which picture to use, think of a title, and finally, the main goal, write. Paradoxically, through the acknowledgement of these small tasks… well, you’re reading this post.


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